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xwire's 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
I bought this 1993 3000GT VR4 Nov of 99 with just under 100k miles on it. I was very very happy with it and a week later sold my 70 1/2 Camaro as I felt I did not need it any more. After leaving it stock for the first year (besides the test pipe, boost, AF gauge, cold air intake and manual boost controller - so what I never leave things alone ;o)) I got the mod bug. After trying several "speed shops" here in St Louis I found that I knew more about these cars then they did (which was not very much at all). I did a lot of reading and learning. I took my car apart around November of 2001 to "just upgrade turbo's"... A year and a half later (right before the 03 NG, literally like the day of) I got it back together at that time with upgraded tod4's, a front mount, the full 99 conversion, new 99 red carcus paint, complete stereo, redone interior, and I am sure I am missing more. It has evolved several times since then into what you see here. The mod list is below and is pretty much where it is at right now, next month who knows :o) as I am constantly changing thing here and there...

OK here is the "mod list"

Fully Built "Race" Spec Engine

Bottom end is:
block "O-Ringed" with custom composite head gaskets
ARP main stud kit, for 4 bolt block
Weisco 3.1 liter 8.5:1 compression pistons
they are Polidine heat coated up top and slick coated on the sides
Pauter rods polidine slick coated with ARP rod bolts
Polidine coated cleavite rod and main bearings
Stock crank lightened and internally balanced to 10,000 Rpm's, Polidine slick coated
Stock block aligned honed and decked
Oil pump blueprinted, pressure increased
lightened aluminum crank pulley
ARP Head stud kit
polyurethane motor mounts

Heads are:
Receiver groove cut into head for custom "O-ringed" head gaskets
Stainless Industries Intake and Exhaust Valves
Polidine coated valve faces
Stainless Industries Titanium locks and retainers
Stainless Industries "High" lift dual springs
Stage XXX Race Port and Polish complete
Polidine coated combustion chambers and exhaust ports
Fidanza "New Line" cam gears

Intake System is:
75MM Polished Throttle Body w/ IAC and TPS sensor
Custom made "sheet metal" intake manifold, on the 3RD version, 4Th is on the way
Port matched inch spacer for manifold
Port-matched stock lower intake manifold, stud kit for lower to upper intake manifold

Fuel System is:
Stock tank "sumped" by Morgan's Motorsport's
Areomotive 11101 Fuel Pump mounted in rear right under bumper on passenger side
-10 AN aluminum hard fuel feed line
Areomotive Fuel Filter
BG Y Block 10 in two 8 output
-8 AN aluminum hard fuel lines, wrapped with header tape and heat shielding
EK2 fuel rails -8 AN inputs and outputs
Areomotive Fuel Pressure Regulator two 8 AN in
980 cc Precision Turbo fuel injectors

Exhaust System is:
Custom-made equal length headers made by Virtual Works in Las Vegas, NV, wrapped with header tape
Custom made crossover pipe also from Virtual Works, wrapped with header tape and custom made aluminum heatsheild
Custom mandrel 3" downpipe, wrapped with header tape
All exhaust under hood ceramic coated by Jet-Hot, and then wrapped with header tape
Lots of heat wrap for crossover and down pipe, did mention the header tape??
Apexi N1 "cat-less" back 3" to 4" mandrel bent exhaust resonator and muffler baffle removed (is a "little" loud)

Ignition System is:
Ignition control module removed (AEM/DIS controls it now, thanks John Reed)
MSD DIS4 ignition box

custom made ignition system by Morgan's Motorsport's. is a Coil On Plug setup using 300M coils
NGK IK24 spark plugs gapped at .026

Turbo is:
Precision Turbo PT67
External TIAL 60MM waste gate
Stainless steel oil feed and return lines

Intercooler System is:
Spearco 2-261 water cooler custom modified by Flores Fabrications
6 gallon water tank mounted in trunk of car
260 LPH water pump for water cooler system
One 48"x24"x2" radiator with 900CFM fan controlled by AEM off of air temp input (thanks John Reed) mounted behind front bumper cover
8AN aluminum hard lines connecting everything
Red silicon connectors & "t-bolt" clamps
TIAL Blow Off Valve

Dress Up items are:
Polished items:
Shaved and polished front and rear valve cover
Upper "sheet metal" intake, with brushed Mitsubishi Logo
Spearco water-cooler

Cooling System consists of:
C&R racing aluminum dual pass radiator
Dual 10 inch FAL cooling fans
hard radiator hoses, powder coated silver
Oil cooler replaced with 24"x18"x2" radiator with 900CFM fan

Drive Train
6-speed conversion, stock transmission rebuilt by BrettB. W/speedfreaks LSD for front
New transfer case
Fidanza lightweight flywheel
6 puck sprung hub clutch disc
HP Freaks disc w/ RPS pressure plate
PST one piece carbon fiber drive shaft
rear differential. replaced with 6 speed differential

Stillen performance cross-drilled rotors front and rear
RS4 brake pads on rear
EBC Green brake pads on front
Goodridge G-stop stainless steel braided Brake Lines
Calipers all high heat painted bright red

JIC true coil-over setup front s/ pillow mounts and rear, Swift springs 1200 front and 800 rear
custom lower rear camber arms
removed rear wheel steering assembly

AEM plug and play engine management system
FJO wide band O2 sensor, mounted in place of the factory fuel gauge in instrument cluster
AEM 3.5 bar MAP sensor
Dodge IAT sensor (does not heat soak as bad as the GM style)
boost control handled by AEM, two switch options, both off=15 psi waste gate pressure, switch #1 on=22 psi for pump gas racing, switch #2 on=30~psi and the race gas tune in the AEM (different ignition map and fuel map thanks John Reed)

CIANCI dual 60MM gauge pods for the left and right A-Pillars
DeFi amber 60MM boost gauge (left A-pillar)
FJO round wide band O2 display (replaced fuel level sender)
DeFi amber 60MM oil pressure (stock center three)
DeFi amber 60MM water temperature gauge (stock center three)
DeFi amber 60MM oil temperature gauge (right A-pillar)
DeFi amber 60MM EGT gauge (left and right A-pillar)
DeFi amber 60MM fuel pressure gauge (stock center three)
Reverse Euro-glow black face gauges on new gauge cluster (speed & RPM)
Mini MSD shift light mount on top of steering column

99 Headlight buckets
99 Headlights
with 4300k HID's w/ ballast's installed under headlight buckets
99 Side markers
99 Front bumper cover
99 Side skirts
99 Door covers
99 Rear bumper
99 Sail panels
99 Rear wing
CIANCI Victory Viper Style hood
New 1999 Carcus Red Paint
Windows tinted to 5%
Shaved/Filled/Removed rear antenna
Shaved/Filled/Removed rear wiper
TRUE GTO, Mitsubishi and MR badges on rear

Bride racing seats, recovered Black with Red vinyl
Aluminum accents for door's (speakers and upper with VR4 inlay)
Aluminum accents for rear speakers
Aluminum accents for around shifter with custom switch pod
Removed rear seats
All amps flush mounted and fiber-glassed (painted to match body) where rear seats used to be
Sub box also flush mounted in rear of car
Custom vinyl all through out car

Alpine CVA-1003 flip out LCD screen head unit
Alpine CHA-1214 12 disc CD changer
Panasonic CX-DV700U mobile DVD player
Rockford Fosgate BD1000.1 sub-woofer amplifier
Rockford Fosgate BD400.4 mids and highs amplifier
Rockford Fosgate FNX 2614 times two 6.5 inch separates mounted in the front and rear stock locations
Rockford Fosgate FNQ2404 4 inch mids mounted in the center vents above climate control
Rockford Fosgate dual 10" DVC sub-woofers
Optima ULT-9002-002 sealed Red Top battery mounted in the hatch area
Stinger expert series battery connectors
Stinger 200 amp circuit breaker for car power in rear by battery
Stinger 180 amp circuit breaker for stereo power in rear by battery
Stinger 200 amp ANL fuse at front of car
Stinger expert series distribution block at front of car to feed all electrical supplies for car
Stinger 0 gauge power cable one feed to amplifiers and one feed to front to power car
Stinger 1 farad expert capacitor cap
Stinger digital MAXI fused distribution block one 0 gauge input two 4 gauge output and two 8 gauge output
Stinger 4 gauge power cable feeding BD1000.1
Stinger 8 gauge power cable feeding BD400.4 and crossover
MTX RTX03A electronic crossover
Stinger Helix series RCA interconnects used through out
Stinger PRO series 10 gauge speaker wire used through out

the pictures are...

past-after I had the car a couple of years, no real mods yet

2003-after the car sat in my garage for a year getting major mods

2003-at the track with the twins, that is from all four tires breaking loose, who said AWD has no traction problems

2004-after converting to single turbo and still making changes
DCP00441.JPG frontNG3.JPG resized rd3.JPG smokem.JPG resized rd2.JPG resized rd1.JPG
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