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Get Togethers, Gatherings, and Events C'mon, let's be social here. If you are interested in setting up your own city or regional forum, PM me.

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Old - April 19th, 2016, 08:10 AM
alan92rttt alan92rttt is offline
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Location: Madison Heights, MI
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2016 3S National Gathering

When: June 21 - 26 2016
Where: Indianapolis, In
Juse 21 - Registration
June 22- Autocross at Lucas Oil
June 23 - Go-Karts at Fasttimes indoor karting June 25 Road Course at Putnam Park Raceway in a partnership with 10/10ths Motorsports.

Please read this entire meail to make sure you do not miss important information

* City Voting credits
* Road COurse
* Go-Karts
* Registration open date

** City Voting credits
Several of you are due credits on your NG registration because of the City voting poll.

If you are due a credit, you need to do the following to have your credits applied.
1) Register, checkout and go all of the way to the payment screen.
2) Do not pay.
3) Contact Alan and he will provide further instructions.

If you do not recall if you voted and are due a credit the list of voters is at the end of the email.

** Road Course
This year we are doing the Road Course with another group. This has removed a lot of over head such that the base registration price will be lower. This also means Registration for Road course is more complex. You will have to register with us and we will provide a URL and a discount code for registering with them. Space with 10/10ths is limited but we do have spots allocated for our group through the end of the month. If you want to run the Road Course I would recommend doing is quickly as space is limited. If we use all of our slots we can still register at a discount but at that point its first come first serve.

We have the following slots available:
12 Novice
22 Intermediate
15 Advanced

They have a total of:
30 Novice
25 Intermediate
20 Advanced

If you plan to Road Course the groups are different this year. Make sure to review all of the details on the 10/10ths page outlining their groups and qualifications.

** Go karts
We will be go karting at Fastimes Indoor Karting this year. We have a 3 hour block with a full race event with practice, prequalifying, finals and award cermony.

They have 40mph gas powered go karts on a 2 level track

** Registration open date
Today right now, go register
Event pricing can be found here
You will notice that because of the lower overhead costs we have been able to reduce the registrationa dn guest prices this year.

Lori and I look forward to seeing everyone in Indy.

Alan & Lori for the 3S National Gathering Committiee

** City Voting Credit List

Aaron Stubenazy
Alex Stirling
Bill Cooper
Bill Rotariu
Bob Melton
Bryan Larsen
Chris Behnken
Cody Zainey
Daktota Himmerich
Dan Zaccagnini
David Pockat
Drew Bowersox
Gary McGinnis
Hans Ertl
Josh Bianco
Josh Dace
Kenny Houseal
Kevin Schurman
Levi Bailey
Lisa Aldrich
Manny Teixeria
Matt Pulver
Matt Weber
Michael Dohack
Nate Klein
Nathan Myers
Paul Stephenson
Pete Nguyen
Rob Gardner
Steve Johnson
Tom Eckhardt
Travis Boxdorfer
Von Morgan
Will Faurie
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Old - April 30th, 2016, 09:03 AM
alan92rttt alan92rttt is offline
US3S Member
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Madison Heights, MI
Posts: 441
Re: 2016 3S National Gathering

So who from STL is coming this year? Its only a 3 hour drive this year.
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