View Full Version : Can anyone in the Bay Area help me out?

- November 17th, 2005, 11:27 AM
okay well my cars broken first off.I was told it was the transmission and that a sensor needed to be replaced so ive replaced the transmission, and the sensor and now their telling me that i need a whole new computer lookin at over 800+ more dollars from me. I was advised that i should try to get in touch with somone who is near me and ask that i can borrow a ECU from a 92 SL and see for myself if thats what it is otherwise im going to be spending way too much money on a hunch. if this isnt the problem i can tack on another 800 bucks on top of the 2300 ive already spent trying to fix it. If anyone else can help me out that would be much apreciated.

** I was told a 99 ECU was put into my car ( a 92 ) and thats why its broken and isnt communicating with their computer. Do you think if i replace it with a 92 ECU itll actually work or does this sound like bull?? lmk. please and thanks.